Four more fifty-worders for you. This continues the story of the monsters, plus there’s a snippet from a mermaid-noir scenario I rather like.

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Sef Churchill fifty word story

This was written for the weekly fifty word fic challenge on Reddit. Sef Churchill fifty word story

This might be the start of the monster story, or it might be somewhen else. In any case, it happens in that same world.

Sef Churchill Fifty word story

And then what happens next:R

Sef Churchill Fifty word story

Rose photo by Photo by Carlos Quintero on Unsplash. Attic photo by Kevin Noble on Unsplash. Quill and bubbles pictures from Pixabay.


That’s it for this week. I finished reading a couple of books this week, so there will be a new review and fantasy-related ponderation on those, on Monday.

I’m also looking forward to World Book Day next Thursday. I may have sourced a Snow Queen of Narnia costume for a small person I know. Let’s face it, I am always going to support Interesting But Glamorous Fantasy Villain over most other costume choices. I love a Ravenclaw school scarf as much as the next person, but every playground will be full of miniature wizards next week, plus occasional tiny Iron Men. Jadis and Narnia offer more scope for dramatics.

Some parents really go for it on World Book Day. A child last year turned up to school dressed as a dictionary. She walked round all day in an enormous cardboard book costume, covered with words. It must have taken her mum ages, but it was absolutely brilliant and the kid looked great. And it was the coolest thing ever because *that was the costume she’d chosen*. Wouldn’t we all love to be a book?

Which reminds me, I must create a prop box of Turkish Delight for the Snow Queen to tempt Edmund with.

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And if you have a fifty word story of your own you would like to share, add a link to it.