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Maybe a perfect day – no work, just reading and writing.

Sef Churchill microfictioneerI’m Sef. I’m a short story author and microfictioneer. I write to entertain. On this page there is a bit about me, and links to my Amazon page, Facebook page and Goodreads author page.

About the blog: Over three years from 2012 I wrote so much that I decided to do something about it and publish my stories. This blog is to celebrate my love of reading and writing – especially fantasy fiction – to share some stories and share my fantasy-related discoveries.

About TV I love: I love character-driven fiction and clever stories. Joss Whedon is one of my favourite TV writers, along with the people who produce Limitless, Brooklyn 99, Humans, Elementary, Moone Boy, Hustle, Life on Mars, House of Lies and The Thick of It. I love the humour and big heart of Gavin and Stacey, and Ness is one of my favourite characters ever. And I love Aaron Sorkin, imagine the team he would make with Mark Gatiss, or (possibly my dream team) imagine Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon!

Sef microfictioneer man in chairAbout books I love: John Grisham is my unrivalled favourite novelist. Apart from Garrison Keillor. Annie Proulx. And Jonathan Stroud. China Mieville. Simon Armitage. Ok, I have a lot of favourites … and that’s only natural and right.

About my writing: I am a lifelong writer and a compulsive writer and you can find out more about my publications on my Books page. I occasionally write poetry and nonfiction articles. My current speciality appears to have become microfiction, possibly as some subconscious rebellion against my natural urge towards longform. I think I might now be an actual microfictioneer since I found the daily Very Short Stories challenge on Twitter. I have also written a lot of fanfiction in my life, most of which I’m proud of. But my main focus has always been original fic, and my comfort zone is definitely fantasy fiction, preferably with a romantic bent.

About social media: I have Facebook and Tumblr and Goodreads and Medium and also now Twitter and I use them for different things, just as I always have. They’re not my book-selling platforms, they’re my social networks. I mean if you see this and love it and rush to buy something I’ve written then great. But I would do all of this anyway because if I find something good I want to share it. If you find something good you want to share with me, contact me in one of the ways I just gave, or using the handy form below.

About me: I am in the UK and I work full time in IT, so writing is squeezed in around everything else I do… the main difference being that not everything else I do gives me traffic stats or comments – yay for nice comments! I travel a lot for work which is great as I see the entire country and usually do not have to make my own dinner. I like driving and I like thinking so those aspects work great for writing too. I like nature and the cycle of the seasons and wildlife especially birds … but I love big cities too – New York and Rome and Manchester and London give me a buzz like nothing else. Hence my amateur pics of Norfolk, above, and London.

Sef- microfictioneer The Shard, London

View of London Bridge and the Shard, August 2016

I love it when people let me know they enjoy what I have written. I can take constructive criticism too. I also take suggestions and ideas, so if there is something you would like to see, or a question you have about writing, (or to confirm that I made up ‘microfictioneer’ just now) please let me know  -then please see the social media contact stuff above, or use the form below.