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Sef Churchill publications (Trafalgar Square Hahn/Koch plinth 2014)
This page lists my publications. Which are not about chickens.

There will be a book, the one I’m working on right now, and then the other one I was working on earlier in the year. I have various publications – see below. Both books are fantasy and involve magic, peril and romance. For a taste, see the short stories at the bottom of this page.

I was the overall winner in The Write Practice’s Spring Writing Contest 2017! I’m so thrilled, especially as the standard of stories submitted was, as always, very high. I let out an involuntary whoop in a hotel restaurant when I found out, and then grinned through the entire meal.  My winning story appears on Short Fiction Break – please check it out and let me know what you think. Here’s  the link to the story, which is called The Porthole.

Meanwhile,  I’m involved in the online writing community, The Write Practice, and have had three stories published through the writing contests they run with Short Fiction Break (The Winter Wolf, The Perfect Scar and The Shift) and Wordhaus (Grounds). I got an honorable mention in the New York Midnight Short Story Challenge in 2015, (my story is here) and in February 2016 Buzzfeed published Sex Misery and Cliffhangers, my piece on fanfiction writing.

My latest story is here – Fakers, again for Short Fiction Break, with whom I am now an official contributor. I’ll be publishing stories monthly through them as part of their regular schedule.

See also my story The Prison Tide, for the writing challenge on Amber Meyer’s site, to write in the style of Dickens.

None of my stories involves giant blue chicken statues, but I like those too, so you never know.

Below are two short stories from the same universe as my work-in-progress.

The Late Rose short story by Sef Churchill
The Late Rose – a short story
The Perfect Scar - a short story by Sef Churchill
The Perfect Scar – a short story