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Faux headlines, 31/05/19


From a five-star review of my recent book, The Narwhallama: “A fast paced story with one surprise after another. A fine mystery. Characters were kind and brave and selfish and cruel and surprising! I loved this story.”

From the readers’ comments on my Write Practice Spring Contest-winning short story, The Porthole: “a well deserved winner. Your imagination should be tapped for originality;” “The shifts and turns in your story is intriguing, again well deserved- fantastic story!”

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Please #vacate the building in a calm and orderly manner. There is no reason to panic. Ignore the screaming. It won’t do you any good to acknowledge the screaming. Please leave in a calm and orderly manner. Do not go down to R&D. Do not look anyone in the eye. Please-. #vss365

Coffee beans are technically seeds and can be found inside the berries that grow on the plant. Once the berries ripen and turn red, they are picked and fermented to remove their outer skin. The beans are then roasted to release their aromatic flavour ☕


To bring some cheer to this dark and dismal month I’m creating a print giveaway of my new Olive Tree Bed print on Instagram.

To Enter please follow some simple steps on my @commonplace_nell account over there.


This 1830s housekeeper alone in a large house hopes to increase her Twitter correspondence circle.

Do follow her & spread the word about her wise postings.

And DO try talking about yourself in the 3rd person. It adds GRAVITAS I find.

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