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Faux headlines, 31/05/19


From a five-star review of my recent book, The Narwhallama: “A fast paced story with one surprise after another. A fine mystery. Characters were kind and brave and selfish and cruel and surprising! I loved this story.”

From the readers’ comments on my Write Practice Spring Contest-winning short story, The Porthole: “a well deserved winner. Your imagination should be tapped for originality;” “The shifts and turns in your story is intriguing, again well deserved- fantastic story!”

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She ate lunch, dessert, then dinner. After that, friit, leftover lasagna, and that dubious quiche in the fridge since Tuesday. Then, when all that failed to #pacify her enormous hunger, she started on the furniture. PMS was a bitch, she thought as she munched on a cushion.#vss365

I've been tricked like this before - listen to promising words, wait for action, then a delay, then more reassurance - just be patient, just wait. But this version, played out at jolly Global Climate chats, will #condemn us all.


We used to think the rain would #nourish the land. Good for the garden, we'd say. Now we keep sandbags by the door and watch the hill for leaning trees. Nothing can grow in so much water, and old proverbs slip away.

There will be no new fossilised forests. Who imagines we could leave anything alone long enough to #petrify ? Humans are fiddlers, always chopping off one more inch. Look at us, sawing at the branch we're standing on.

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