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Faux headlines, 31/05/19


From a five-star review of my recent book, The Narwhallama: “A fast paced story with one surprise after another. A fine mystery. Characters were kind and brave and selfish and cruel and surprising! I loved this story.”

From the readers’ comments on my Write Practice Spring Contest-winning short story, The Porthole: “a well deserved winner. Your imagination should be tapped for originality;” “The shifts and turns in your story is intriguing, again well deserved- fantastic story!”

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”I had a college friend called Inevitable Mike, because everyone slept with him eventually. He was nothing special. But he was discrete, reassuring, and there if you needed him. I didn't know he was bi until senior year. I had a hard day and suddenly: There was Inevitable Mike.”

Words of the day: "Moonpenny" -- also Moon Daisy, Dog Daisy, Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare), a large-petalled daisy of meadows & verges, flowering now; associated with the moon because on summer dusks its broad blooms can seem to glow amid grass. Other names, other stories?


All these young idiots knowing 17 spells for summoning spirits and not one good spell for sending them away. None of them should be allowed to use the word cunning. None of them. - Old Mother Wren, 1970 #VOH

Lush forests and #verdant fields are forever dry and burnt. There is no denying now that climate change is real. But it is too late. Our parents did this, as did their parents before, and their parents before. Now we, the last generation, wait to pay the ultimate price.


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