abstract painting of blue shapes and yellow dribblesI was never one of those people who announce Hey, I’m taking a social media break, see you on the other side! and then make a big Hey I’m back when it’s over. When I need a break I just have one. Usually without any control over it because of real-life things. There have been a lot of real-life things.

I’ve returned to my comfort-writing, which of course is fanfiction. Oh boy. It does me such good to write and get feedback and have no pressure. I’ve also done a lot of painting over the last year – I used to paint as a teen, and now I am again, which feels right.

My writing is pretty much on autopilot as it has been for a long time – but with occasional flashes where I feel I’ve grasped at something real. I know I’m still too tired to do a lot of real stuff. plus, too much real-life right now.

So here’s an impulse blog post with some paintings and a reminder to watch Our Flag Means Death because it is the most awesome (silly, romantic, funny) thing to appear in such a long time. And it has pirates. Watch it!

impressionist acrylic painting of trees with lots of texture abstract painting of dark shapes and streaks

Here are some paintings. You know where to find my fanfiction. No prizes for guessing it currently involves pirates. And romance.