I spent some time today discovering the most frequently used words in romance novel titles (Thanks, Mills and Boon catalogue!) and used my new knowledge to update my Romance Novel Title Generator.

Find a link to it here.

My research tells me that Billionaires are in decline, but apparently Greeks and Italians remain popular, as do Dukes.  (I spent more time in Historical than Contemporary). Doctors continue to thrive, not so much Cowboys, and heroines are very often Untamed, Unsuitable or plain old Convenient. If you need an Heir, it is often a Surprise and always a Secret.

castle at sunset

A romantic castle. It’s probably Mysterious and also Captivating. With a Duke.

What I love about romance titles is how much they promise in how few words. You see Marrying The billionaire, you know what you’re getting. The Want-Ad Princess? Same. And nobody is going to mistake The Cinderella Contract.

All those were just created by my generator by the way. I like them all!

Have fun with the generator and let me know if you find a great title.