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Faux News – 13th June

I never posted these faux news snippets at the time – a week when lockdown in the UK was beginning to ease/fall apart after the Dominic Cummings debacle, cafes were opening for takeout coffee and the Black Lives Matter protests… Continue Reading →

The Ballad of Verdant Jones

Written for the daily microfiction challenge vss365, and the imaginary history of the lost county of Hookland. The prompt was #verdant. There is a tune to this but I can’t write musical notation so imagine something old, with stamped foot… Continue Reading →

Butler generator

If you have ever wished someone would answer your front door and pour you more tea, in between standing unobtrusively in your parlour awaiting your command, then look no further. Here is the Butler Generator, which will supply you with… Continue Reading →

Why fantasies should ignore reality – and why they shouldn’t

I’m currently writing something which you could only describe as fantasy – not the elves and magic kind, but the he’s-secretly-a-billionaire kind. You know the deal: the heroine steps into a world where money is no object and everything is… Continue Reading →

People with Issues- give your characters a problem

One of my biggest challenges when coming up with story ideas is the perennial ‘give your characters a problem.’ This is something writing advice tells me I must do, yet it seems so difficult and I’m not sure why. Then… Continue Reading →

Generating fun

I spent some time today discovering the most frequently used words in romance novel titles (Thanks, Mills and Boon catalogue!) and used my new knowledge to update my Romance Novel Title Generator. Find a link to it here. My research… Continue Reading →

Learning how to write again in a difficult time

Since the virus started up in Europe in February I have hardly written anything. Big life changes like working from home, shopping in tape-demarcated two metre stages, schools closed and distant family now completely inaccessible – not to mention the… Continue Reading →

Faux News – 6 word stories 30052020

Reality has challenged the cynicism of even the most jaded among us. As a perpetual political pessimist yet personal optimist, for me 2020 has proven me horribly right and occasionally wonderfully right. Horrible when I said in February We should… Continue Reading →

Seedling challenge 02022020

From today’s #vss365 prompt which was my latest tweet fic about the lost county of Hookland. Here’s the tweet: The patients soon improved. The Ministry credited sea air, but in fact we recognised the soldiers’ horrors – those phantasms are… Continue Reading →

Steampunk Story Premise generator

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I have been procrastinating by creating a Story Premise Generator which will help me do some preparation. If that sounds mad it probably is. I ended up creating two – an online one which is very… Continue Reading →

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