Tweet fics from this week. Very short stories, microfictions, 280 characters or shorter. Written to daily prompts.

When the found my steam#punk comics, they confiscated the lot . You’re it’s me, wicked girl, said Sister Brigid. Steam robots! Ladies with iron breasts! No supper for you. In the night, , I crept to the closet. Caught with my comics, Brigid blushed.



-What’s in that weird building? -A metaphor. – A what? – A velodrome. – What do you do in there? – round and round. -Then what? -The fastest person wins. -Then what? -That’s it. They start again. -I don’t get it. -That’s life, kid. Don’t think about it too hard.


Budapest. 39° and humid, even before I stepped into the outdoor thermal baths. Enormous and ornate, the spectacle and the steam stole my breath. I lounged, sculling gently among rubber-helmed women and old men playing – up chess.


He got the call 40 minutes into their first date. Now they’re in a cab, he already pulling on gloves. “Sorry.” She has to act – show him the potential Them. She touches the skin between his glove and shirtcuff. “Next time,” she says. He goes still, whispers, “OK.”


She cannot tackle the kitchen all at once. The #chaos is too deep.Open a drawer – cutlery, tissues, crisp packets, letters. This is not cleaning. This is rehabilitation. She shakes open a bin bag. Rubbish first. It will need several passes. But she has to start somewhere.


I’m joining in with the very short stories challenge on Twitter and having a blast. Look for #vss365 if you want to join in too – it’s a friendly, supportive community of people who write fiction and poetry in 280 characters or less.

If you want to join in, head to Twitter.  Link to, or share a tiny fic right here in the comments.