Friday fic – fifty word stories

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I don’t often write about inanimate objects but this week there are two fifty-worders about things rather than people. The third story this week may ring a bell if you’ve been following a certain court case. Microfiction is becoming a thing for me it seems – I’m signed up for a workshop, and am keenly following various authors who specialise in tiny stories, fifty-worders and other extreme forms of short fiction. I will return to longform at some point. I just don’t know when.

fifty word stories

fifty word stories

fifty word stories

For more tiny stories try this┬ámagazine site. That’s it for this week – remember to share your own microfictions in the comments, or link me up to them and I’ll share!

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  1. Hi Sef, this is great. If you’re interested in flash fiction that’s a bit longer, I host a weekly location-based prompt called New prompts every Saturday. 150 words. Love to see you!

    1. Thank you! I have quite a few on the blog now if you want to take a look. And please share any fifty-worders of your own – though I warn you, creating tiny stories is highly addictive! Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

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