Here are three more fifty-worders. Only one is about the monsters, a snippet of backstory about humans’ arrival on the planet. The others are not connected.

Sef Churchill fifty word fic


I’m still not sure if a book made up of a multitude of tiny, fifty-word chapters could be a real thing. Anyway, here’s another piece of the story about angels, and monsters, and humans.

Sef Churchill fifty word fic

And finally, something closer to home.


Sef Churchill fifty word fic

It’s been freezing in the UK this week and I’ve had on my mind all the people who are outside in this cold, who have nowhere to go. There have been some heartwarming stories – a surgeon who walked through the snow for three hours to carry out an operation  – locals out last night in Scotland and Lancashire, offering hot drinks and blankets to stranded drivers on the motorways – and a million updates on Facebook as everyone marvels at having some real weather for a change.

As I sit in my blanket in the house, I think of the thousands in makeshift camps across the world, as the east wind charges in from Siberia. People displaced by war, especially children. I can stand a couple of nights of being too cold to sleep, but for them, there is no prospect of finding real shelter. Ewan McGregor puts it better than I can. One of my favourite fantasies is of the ice kingdom or the perpetual winter of Narnia, but it’s no fun in real life.

Meanwhile, I have been working on another project, writing-related but a little different to my usual. Here’s a sneak peek. More on Monday!

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