Friday fic – six worders – very short stories

This week has been exhausting, in real life and in the news, which is increasingly hard to accept as real life. How has it come to this? Caged children. Nonetheless stories remain important and so here are a very few, very short stories from this week. Six-worders, microfiction, fake headlines. Call them what you will, here... Continue Reading →

Friday Fic – fights and flights

It's been another tough week on various fronts, so these three stories have a rather embattled theme. This morning I thought I would have no fifty-word stories to share. I felt too burned out by Real Life to contemplate microfiction. But then I sat and wrote randomly for a while in my office, that is, McDonalds,... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – fairies and fry-ups, flash fiction

I've been reading China Mieville's Kraken this week - a book made for me if ever there was one - and so my writing lately has been stranger than usual. I have not had time to do a set of fifty word stories, so these two are a little longer. I think they still qualify... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – fifty word stories

Here are three new fifty-worders - tiny microfiction stories of just 50 words each.       In other news, I'm on the second part of the Split Worlds fantasy, plus the fourth part of Django Wexler's Shadow Campaigns. I've also just started reading Pixel Juice by Jeff Noon.  And I realised there several X-men... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – even shorter stories

This week I have, again,  been writing short-short fiction - but the fifty-word stories were starting to seem ... lengthy. I recalled the story attributed to Hemingway and thought, why not try to write 'a novel in six words'? Here's that famous six-worder: For sale: Baby shoes, never worn. (possibly by Hemingway) Since this story... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – fifty word stories

Here are three more fifty-worders. Only one is about the monsters, a snippet of backstory about humans' arrival on the planet. The others are not connected.   I'm still not sure if a book made up of a multitude of tiny, fifty-word chapters could be a real thing. Anyway, here's another piece of the story about... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – fifty word stories

It's Friday and time for some fiction. I have fallen in love with writing to a fifty word limit after discovering the Scottish Book Trust's 50-word challenge, and so here are three very short stories of fifty words each.  It's been Pancake Day and Valentine's Day this week - so these stories feature love, and pancakes.... Continue Reading →

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