Reality has challenged the cynicism of even the most jaded among us. As a perpetual political pessimist yet personal optimist, for me 2020 has proven me horribly right and occasionally wonderfully right. Horrible when I said in February We should lock down now and then watched for 3 weeks while we didn’t. Wonderful when millions of people chose to support the lockdown and their neighbours.Some people seem to think the danger is over. I wish I could agree but I tend to trust scientists more than career politicians. So here are some six word headlines letting off steam. I feel very rusty at these and I suspect it shows but it’s good to post something again after a long gap.I have other writing commitments whuch have been on hold for a while. I have learned to be cautious about promising stuff because inevitably some IRL event leaps in. But I plan to do a little more, a little at a time.-Sef