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There are some titles that make me want to grab the book and start reading – or writing. Use the fantasy title generator to create your own.

What do you do when lethargy strikes? Learn something new that you can loosely claim helps your writing, of course!  My latest generator is this one:

Steampunk Story Premise Generator. Read more about how it works, how to download your own free copy, and see an online version, here.

In previous attempts at avoiding actual writing, I have created a Romantic Fantasy Story Title Generator which is here,  a Fantasy World Clash Title Generator here. And a Pure Romance Title Generator, which is here. Now back to my original Generator post:

I used to create random name and occupation generators using Microsoft Excel. I still have one of those from Olden Times, OCCUPATIONS which you can download with this link.  But in the new century, we use JavaScript and, um (… insert plausible-sounding codespeak here …) to do the job right on the web (page.

Thanks to a handy name generator script, I have now created my own random title words suitable for fantasy stories with a dollop of romance, and voila, a generator is born.

Click the link below to go to the Romantic Fantasy Title Generator. It will create a simple title. I’ll add to the random word lists as time goes on.

Click here for the Romantic Fantasy Title Generator

(If you’re looking for my Fantasy World Clash Title Generator, it’s here. And for a Pure Romance Title Generator, click this.)

Top fantasy titles 2009

Chart from Orbit Books

There are definite trends in fantasy story titles as identified by Orbit Books’ blog post from 2009. I love their book title and font frequency chart (right):

You’d think there would be plenty of data out there on novel titles. There’s certainly plenty in The Bestseller Code (more on that in my upcoming review of that excellent book). But online, I only found a couple of sources.

Anyway, I may be conducting my own bookshop-based title research in the near future to see what’s catchy right now. Then I’ll have more words for my generator!

A glance at The Guardian’s list of 2017’s best SFF books suggests a rather different selection for current titles.

Barnes and Noble have their own best SFF list for 2017.

Meanwhile, here’s a 2011 title analysis from Tor books. They go into a lot of detail about favourite occupations and antagonists too, you can check it out here. Here’s their chart:

Fantasy Titles

Title analysis from Tor Books

I had fun doing this so I’m definitely up for creating some more generators. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one.

It may inspire you to start the next writing project. Or to learn more about HTML and JavaScript, who knows?

Happy generating!

I created this generator thanks to the free script download at Name Generators. Thanks Niels! Here’s a link back to his page.

Images free from Pixabay.

If you like the generator, let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Or maybe you have ideas for other fantasy writing or reading tools I can add to this site? Let me know!