Nanowrimo – week one motivation

Want to get through the first seven days of National Novel Writing Month? Start here. Day 1. If you haven't declared your novel's title, excerpt and premise on the Nanowrimo website, do this. Use the first part of your first chapter and your working title. You can finesse this later. And write. Blitz 1667 words.... Continue Reading →

Prize and privilege

One of the most prestigious writing prizes has just been awarded. For the first time it's gone to a writer from Northern Ireland. So far so good. But as usual two things are putting me off reading a prize winning novel. OK, one thing puts me off reading, the other makes me think about privilege,... Continue Reading →

Friday fics – faux news

Another blustery week in international news culminating in some people not leaving ahead of one big event, assuming that it would not be that big. Meanwhile some other people are flocking to an event despite it definitely being unimportant. Cakes have headlined twice. Some six- and ten- word headlines, then. For daily microfiction, find me... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo planning – conquer your plot

Are you tempted by Nanowrimo - the completion of a novel's first draft in just 30 days - but find it hard to stay on track once the initial rush of frenetic writing has worn off? Do you find it hard to sustain your energy for the required 50,000 words in just one month?¬† Do... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – faux news

Some six and ten word stories here, reflecting a week in the news. I'll be back next week with more. October is nearly here and that means Nanowrimo. It also means I need to get my skates on to achieve any of my plans for 2018. Meanwhile I'll keep writing. More next week!

Friday fic – six word stories

This week's faux news¬† - six-word stories inspired by the week's events.    

How to make a book, or create a new form

Most writing these days seems to be created using a computer, or at least an electronic device of some kind. I do mine on my phone. It's consumed on paper or on an electronic device. Making a book involves writing a large number of words, and presenting them in one of those formats. But what... Continue Reading →

How to write a classic fantasy – Day Boy and Night Girl

How to write a classic fantasy or fairytale. What are the elements of a classic fantasy tale? How can you give your story that timeless, old-school feel?

Saturday shorts – six word stories

More broken news and fake headlines from the week's events.      

Make your hero a monster – subvert fantasy tropes

There's nothing worse than a hero who is too heroic. Maybe the hero is a beautiful girl with a deep sense of honour and a desire to see justice done in the world. I hate her already. Or perhaps the hero is big, strong, decent, and not afraid to wade in and fix international politics.... Continue Reading →

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