Romance Novel Title Generator

You only have to say 'romance novel' for people to begin telling you their very strong opinions about the genre. These may be positive or negative, but everybody seems to have a fixed idea of what a 'romance novel' might be. On the negative side, words like 'formulaic' and 'one dimensional' get bandied about; on... Continue Reading →

Fantasy World Clash Title Generator

I've been reading and watching The City and the City by China Mieville this week. Two cultures in permanent conflict, sharing the same space, each city diligently 'unseeing' the other. It made me want to create a culture clash of my own. So after my romantic fantasy title generator proved popular, I have created a... Continue Reading →

Random Fantasy Romance Title Generator

RomanticFantasyTitleGenerator What do you do when lethargy strikes? Learn something new that you can loosely¬†claim helps your writing, of course! ¬†I created a Romantic Fantasy Story Title Generator. I used to create random name and occupation generators using Microsoft Excel. I still have one of those from Olden Times, OCCUPATIONS which you can download with... Continue Reading →

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