Write, write like the wind! (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands: my usual speed-tourism in a hired Jeep.)

This week I need to make some writing progress: 10,000 words in a week. This is perfectly achievable given my prior history of writing 12,000 words in one day. But to be sure, I am setting myself no other targets.

-Except to write and workshop a short story for the Fiction Break contest.

Also to continue working on my novel outline as a background task (which means every time I get in the car. Road signs are merely decorative to me.) CS Lakin’s book is helping.

Also to continue my Dark Ages research. I have Neil Oliver and Michael Wood on hand for this.

Also to research Amazon fiction categories to see where my book might fit. Amazon categories are… fascinating. If you thought Japanese street fashion contained highly specialised niches, check out Amazon categories.

Plus you know, my job. But I have already cracked 2000 words, and I will have time to write this evening. I need to write my main character off an island, over the ocean, and onto a totally different island via some disasters.


Target: 10, 000 words added to my novel by Friday.