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Grounds – a short story


From a five-star review of my recent book, The Narwhallama: “A fast paced story with one surprise after another. A fine mystery. Characters were kind and brave and selfish and cruel and surprising! I loved this story.”

From the readers’ comments on my Write Practice Spring Contest-winning short story, The Porthole: “a well deserved winner. Your imagination should be tapped for originality;” “The shifts and turns in your story is intriguing, again well deserved- fantastic story!”

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Am already thinking up ways I can avoid seeing Summer posts. "So much time! All the books I'll read! Walks in nature! Time with the kids!" Yeah, unless you have a *job* which is, you know, all year round. #grumpy #MondayMood

My in-laws are the greenest people I know and they have never bought an eco product. Shower gel in a tin? They use bars of soap. They hang clothes on the line. #Myriad paths away from #climateemergency and the biggest is not consuming your way out of a consumption crisis.#vss365

Lovestruck Willhelm had no sense of smell but possessed the rare gift of being able to see scent: today, the delicate near-perfect form where she had lingered, wisps of #sillage when she'd hurried away. He had to find his Cinderella, the body that fit the perfume slipper


“If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, 'He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.'" Epictetus

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