Another blustery week in international news culminating in some people not leaving ahead of one big event, assuming that it would not be that big. Meanwhile some other people are flocking to an event despite it definitely being unimportant. Cakes have headlined twice. Some six- and ten- word headlines, then. For daily microfiction, find me on Twitter – look at #vss365.

Gay cake sues bakery

hurricane warning ignored

Patisserie probably fraudulent

Lancashire anti fracking demonstration

final call for climate change or world will literally end for humans

lying no barrier to legal career


That’s it for this week. Autumn is here and that would usually mean Nanowrimo, or perhaps, NanoEdMo since I have two first drafts to edit into submittable shape, but right now even I am having trouble clawing together some minutes for myself. Yes, even abandoning housework, TV, cooking, reading has not found me the time I used to call my own… Not sure what else I can stop doing. Most writing now takes place in bathroom breaks. Don’t laugh. That’s one of the big benefits of writing microfiction.

There must be light at the end of the tunnel, even if I am still wondering what country that tunnel will emerge in. Surely this cannot be the actual end of the world. I am not done yet.

More next week.

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