servant bells at holiday house 2018

No strings attached, unfortunately.

Three fifty-worder fics this week, sent to you from Norfolk where I have been on a family holiday – thirteen of us in a Georgian house complete with pantry, two foot thick walls, secret staircases and a row of little bells to call the (imaginary) servants.

The bells had no connecting ropes to pull on from distant rooms. I was unable to summon a refreshing drink on a tray and unable also to come down to dinner to the sound of a butler dinging a gong. All the same, it was a pretty awesome house.

Like all Norfolk houses * it was faced with flints. I have now become obsessed with flinted houses and long for one of my own some day.

Anyway, stories. There’s one more about the monsters here – a revelation.


This one was inspired by seeing the many giant ice cream cones in our travels around the Norfolk coast. It seems you can’t open a cafe without attaching a few of these four foot artificial foodstuffs to your frontage.

fifty-worder fic sefchurchill. com

Finally this was inspired by a prompt this morning. I’m in several writing prompt groups and it’s a great way to warm up your brain, especially if it’s already raring to go having been dipping in and out of Pixel Juice by Jeff Noon.

fifty-worder fic sefchurchill. com

All pictures are from Pixabay, except the disturbing one of the hotdog eating itself. i took that, in a village in Wales. Shudder.