Stand up and be a writer.

Stand up and be a writer. Gormley statues, Formby.

I’ve just finished reading this book by Jeff Goins. I love it. I love how the power of just saying and believing those words – I am a writer – makes amazing things happen. I love how hard work and self belief combined can do great things. And I love how your life is still OK  even if the hard work has not, yet, paid off.

Yet this is not all hand-holding and cheerleading. This book details specific strategies to ‘just write’ and for promoting your work. Goins’ aim is that you reach a point where you can write, and your work promotes itself. For many of us, that is the dream, and Goins is showing a way of achieving it.

This is a short book but a great one. Be a writer: get it.

You are a Writer – So Start Acting Like One – Jeff Goins