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Faux News – 13th June

I never posted these faux news snippets at the time – a week when lockdown in the UK was beginning to ease/fall apart after the Dominic Cummings debacle, cafes were opening for takeout coffee and the Black Lives Matter protests… Continue Reading →

Faux headlines, 31/05/19

More six-word fake news headlines. Except these days they’re not very fake. The sheer scale of what’s happening in the world makes writing about any of it challenging. Whatever you write, it sounds like crass exaggeration. Populations voting massively for… Continue Reading →

Friday fic – six word stories

This week’s faux news¬† – six-word stories inspired by the week’s events.    

Monday muse – six-worder stories

A manic week at work, plus school holiday duties, has left no time for writing. I did not even manage my 280-character tweet fics until a big catchup on Saturday. It’s not like me not to write.¬† I think I… Continue Reading →

Saturday shorts – six word stories

More broken news and fake headlines from the week’s events.      

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