7 day creative writing challenge – draft a story in one day

So you've taken on a  7 day creative writing challenge, or a story a day challenge, and now you have to deliver. But how do you create a complete draft of a story in just one day (and do it again and again until the end of the challenge?) Here I give you the method... Continue Reading →

Story: Two Zeros

As a regular contributor at Short Fiction Break, I publish a story with them every month. This is the one for January 2018 - a quick read about two people under pressure from more than just time. https://shortfictionbreak.com/two-zeros/ IFAQ - Infrequently Asked Question: Is the spelling zeros or zeroes? I had to look this up. Apparently the... Continue Reading →

Short story woes – 7 types of not-really-a-story

I am not a natural with the short story form. Time and again I start, only to find that my idea has fallen into one of the chasms listed below.  Once in, it's very hard to get out. The cure? Read successful short stories. I'm thinking magazine reads, 1500 or even 700 words long, where a... Continue Reading →

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