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May 16th Daily Writing prompt

Today write a section of a guidebook for your world. Choose one aspect: finding accommodation, or how to change money, and write for a traveller visiting your world for the first time. If your world is too extreme/primitive/telepathic to use… Continue Reading →

February 20th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about founding fathers (or mothers). What legends surround the founding of your story’s society? This might be a grand legend about the beginning of civilisation or a small family story about how your character’s ancestors came to be… Continue Reading →

February 19th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about houses. What kind of dwelling do the wealthiest, poorest and middling people of your world occupy? Show a character in the process of acquiring their home, however that may happen.

February 18th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about learning. Show children learning in your world’s traditional way – by rote, by memorisation of books, by injecting a knowledge serum… and create a scene showing willing and unwilling learners.

17th February Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about the mildest season in your world’s year. How do people celebrate the end of extreme weather, should that be icy winters or searing summers? Is the temperate season a relief or a burden? Show your characters at… Continue Reading →

16th February Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about glass. Is it a rarity in your world – perhaps taxed – or does it possess mystical qualities, used in spiritual locations? Show your character with a glass object or structure, engaged in an everyday task.

12th February Daily Writing Prompt

Today show your character eating a forbidden food. Why is it not allowed? Who else knows about this? How is the character given away? Write for ten minutes and show the power of food and taboo.

February 10th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about light. How much light is enough? Do your characters cope with working by candle light, lantern light – or do they insist on flooding their home and workplace with brilliant artificial light at all times? Write for… Continue Reading →

February 4th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about companion animals. Is it customary in the world of your story for people to have pets? Do dogs/cats/otehr creatures form part of families and workplaces? Show a character and their companion animal carrying out an everyday task.

February 3rd Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about medicine. What are the cures used in your world for everyday ailments? Do people turn to herbal rememdies, scientific medicines, spells or prayer for the restoration of their health? Write for five minutes showing a character taking… Continue Reading →

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