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November 2010

Nanowrimo 30th Daily Writing Prompt

Today, include a little foreshadowing of what will happen after your story has ended. Is this in fact merely a new beginning? Will the tale continue? How will the characters go on with their lives after the whirlwind they have… Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo 29th Daily Writing Prompt

Today make everything in your writing joyous. Have joyous trees, roads, food, gestures, clothes. Let every word sing, we have reached the end and we are happy. Or make it all tragic, depending on the ending of your novel.

Nanowrimo 28th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write a big declamatory speech. It could be your villain, revealing his dastardly plot to a strangely passive audiennce; it might be your main character declaring his position on life, love and everything she has encountered on her journey…. Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo 27th Daily Writing Prompt

Today include an ignoble emotion in your story: jealousy, irritation, intolerance, anger. It might be something your character experiences, or it might be displayed by a minor character they encounter. But big it up, as the end is near!

Nanowrimo 26th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about the obstacles in a journey, perhaps a mundane journey or a climactic, life changing one. Include plenty of detail about what kept your characters from proceeding smoothly.

Nanowrimo 25th Daily Writing Prompt

Today, write aabout a wish. Maybe it has been fulfilled during the course of the story, or is still waiting to happen. Have a character reflect on his or her or its wishes.

Nanowrimo 24th Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about sleeping arrangements. Are your characters loners or are they by now getting it together with other charcaters? How are they handling this detail of their adventure? Describe bedding and pre bed routines.

Nanowrimo 23rd Daily Writing Prompt

Today write about cooking for other people. Have a character provide food for another character or write about your characters visiting a cafe or dining room. Describe the food and the cooking process.

Nanowrimo 22nd Daily Writing Prompt

Today, include an animal in yor writing. Make it a character, give it its own scene, have your charcatersv relate to it.

Nanowrimo 3rd Daily Writing Prompt

(Return to the Welcome Page to see more about writing the Jigsaw Novel.) These prompts are for guidance and inspiration during Nanowrimo. Today: Include the weather and/or season in what your write today. Give your scenes a sense of the… Continue Reading →

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