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Faux headlines, 31/05/19


From a five-star review of my recent book, The Narwhallama: “A fast paced story with one surprise after another. A fine mystery. Characters were kind and brave and selfish and cruel and surprising! I loved this story.”

From the readers’ comments on my Write Practice Spring Contest-winning short story, The Porthole: “a well deserved winner. Your imagination should be tapped for originality;” “The shifts and turns in your story is intriguing, again well deserved- fantastic story!”

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the initials on the ko-fi payment are D.W. and it says "in connection with my poetry submission yesterday" -- if this is you, please reach out, as we got a whole lot of poetry subs that day and aren't sure which one is yours!

Public service. Saving us all the bother of switching on for any of it. Meanwhile I notice a lot of v bad actual news is happening...

Michael Spicer@MrMichaelSpicer

the news at the moment

Yes I'm not sure it's these completely avoidable things which are worst about a 'return to the office.' More like the horrible, almost certainly pointless commute, risk of infection, office politics, sexism etc. For those who have to go in, let's make it as painless as possible.

The Sunday Times@thesundaytimes

Firstly: Go at your own pace

“Not everyone will want to jump back into going to the pub again three nights a week. You may not be ready to do a full day of socialising straight away”, says Dr Young

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