Islands and inspiration – how islands can make a great story

I could go all metaphorical here and say that every writer is an island because ideas must spring from the writer's head alone... But I won't. I'm thinking about real islands and why I like them and why we humans are so fascinated by them. I also suggest some specific islands that could inspire your... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – fifty word stories

Here are three new fifty-worders - tiny microfiction stories of just 50 words each.       In other news, I'm on the second part of the Split Worlds fantasy, plus the fourth part of Django Wexler's Shadow Campaigns. I've also just started reading Pixel Juice by Jeff Noon.  And I realised there several X-men... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – even shorter stories

This week I have, again,  been writing short-short fiction - but the fifty-word stories were starting to seem ... lengthy. I recalled the story attributed to Hemingway and thought, why not try to write 'a novel in six words'? Here's that famous six-worder: For sale: Baby shoes, never worn. (possibly by Hemingway) Since this story... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – Fifty word stories

This week's fifty-worder stories may have a slight circus theme. There's a reason for that which you can guess if you've been following my Facebook page, namely that I saw The Greatest Showman this week  and really fell in love with the aesthetic. It reminded me of an old story I wrote about a (female) ringmaster... Continue Reading →

Boost productivity with a weekly writing planner

I've been working on a secret project lately, and I'm excited to share it with you at last. But first I want to talk about the biggest problem we face as part-time writers. You already know it: time. Everybody has other things they must do - work, take care of family, walk the dog, fetch groceries.... Continue Reading →

Friday fic – fifty word stories

Here are three more fifty-worders. Only one is about the monsters, a snippet of backstory about humans' arrival on the planet. The others are not connected.   I'm still not sure if a book made up of a multitude of tiny, fifty-word chapters could be a real thing. Anyway, here's another piece of the story about... Continue Reading →

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